A Good Idea

While working on one of our current projects (see Stayton Master Bath Remodel), I noticed the homeowner had a very clever way to organize all of the various paint colors in the home. Here is a “color key” he made to do this, taped to the inside of the paint cabinet:

Thompson 11-25-14-0003




All the paint cans have numbers and paint dots on them too, so its easy to see where they go!

This is right up there with accurate electrical panel labeling.

Lyons Chapel in the Woods

This is not one of your “typical” construction projects.

Hueller Construction was asked to come in and help finish a small prayer chapel up in the woods outside Lyons, OR for one of our previous clients. She had a lot of great ideas, but it was a lot of figure it out as you go work.


This is an idea from Mt. Angel that she was trying for:





I brought my son, Jacob, along to help me. The building was mostly constructed earlier in the year by others.






One of the main things we had to figure out was how to get the bell tower/steeple up on the roof in place and secured. Scaffolding, ropes, ladders, and muscles were all used. A crane would have been nice – though the parts were built fairly light to facilitate the installation.






Here is Jacob doing some “field adjustment” before we secured it down.






We helped with a lot of small items inside and out. There were several people that helped to get this all put together.

Here are some final shots. The little boy is getting ready to pull the bell.


Grimes_lores0006 Grimes_lores0007




The owners held a dedication and open house yesterday (Sept. 28th). A local priest came to bless the chapel. It was all pretty neat and am glad we got to be a part of this.


Lyons Patio and Entry

We have finally finished our Entry and Roof project in Lyons:

The homeowners do not have a protected area to enter the house, which is where the weather comes from.

A new, protected front entry with doors and patio area are going to be created and then we will re-roof then entire home to tie it all together. Drainage to be improved by installing a drywell and directing roof runoff to it. The patio will not be a concrete slab, but something more permeable for water (details TBD).

A before shot:






Here is the designers view:

Schechter Front Facade





Starting demo. There will be repairs since the old patio was poured too high and water got into some of the wall spaces. I was not there that day, but the concrete had 4 layers, upwards of 20″ thick (easier just to keep pouring over, I guess).





The fun keeps happening. We are going to repair some foundation support as well as wood repairs.





Here is a shot of the patio before we side and trim it out.






Up doing the roof. This is a pretty good sized roof, in several sections. We have had to do a pretty good amount of repairs and re-floating of the roof deck. A house that has this many “vintages” of work done on it is always interesting.






New triple-pane windows and most of the trimwork done. Cultured stone on the walls. Still have the front door to install and entry step to pour. Getting closer.

Schecterporch0001 Schecterporch0002




Front door in, sheetrock done inside, and stoop poured.

Owner has been painting,  a lot!

It was decided to have flagstone installed over stoop and in “patio” area. This will happen next week.

Final (almost) shots of the project. The front post needs to be painted and the rainchain finished. This had been a fairly long project for us, lots of other small extras done that don’t really show in the photos, but helped the owner’s get things “finished”.

Schechter0003 Schechter0002 Schechter0001


McCully Mountain Windows and Siding

We recently completed a window and siding project on McCully Mountain (outside of Lyons, OR) to uncover and remedy water intrusion issues.

The wall we are working on faces W/SW and gets really hit with wind and rain. Great view, though (even nicer on a sunny day!)






Before shot of the big windows (four of these total)






After digging, we found “friends” that moved in because of the moisture intrusion. Some ants and dampwood termites were having fun. Fortunately, Jeremy from Bug Shield came right up and did a treatment. He will do one more after we make repairs and before we cover it back up.






Moving along. We are going to install smaller windows, many non-venting in the same areas. Triple pane, super low-e Milgards.


A true rainscreen system over wrap with flashings and then Hardieplank lap siding with primed cedar trim will be used for maximum protection.

Grace0026 Grace0030





We used the Coravent rainscreen products to provide a drainable airgap between the back of the siding and the wrap






Here are some final shots of the project with Hardieplank and primed cedar trim, fully finished inside and out.

Grace0005 Grace0004 Grace0003 Grace0002

Langdon Farms Golf Tournament

Today was the Oregon Remodeler’s Association Annual Golf Tournament held at Langdon Farms Golf Course in Aurora, OR. (and our first time putting in a team). This place is sure set up nice for big events.

They didn’t do team shots, so here is one of course. It was very well maintained. We did have a good time – I just love 4-man scramble (it gives everyone a chance to shine). Thanks to Darin, Terry & Jerry for all their hard “work” making this a fun event on behalf of Hueller Construction!

Landon Farms

Lyons, OR Garage Conversion

We are well underway with a conversion from a two car garage to living space. The owners are needing to move in with their mother, and needed a cost effective to do this. The home will gain approximately 475 Square Feet of heated living space.

Here is a view of the drawing set:






Before Shot from the outside (that’s Rosie “posing” in front)






Some in-progress shots:








This is not your weekend throw down a piece of carpet and couch garage conversion. We are fully insulated to code in walls, ceiling and floor.


Some “almost done” photos. The last step for us is the electrician back to trim out (install plugs, switches, fixtures) and get our final inspections. The homeowners are eager to move in.Hatfield0001 Hatfield0002


2014 BUILD Retreat

Darin and I were able to attend the 2014 BUILD conference at Eagle Crest Resort this month. Members of the Oregon Remodelers Association, NW Society of Interior Designers, National Kitchen and Bath Association, and Home Builders Association got together for four days of networking, meetings, and of course, some fun.

We played golf on the resort course with four teams one of the days. Here is a shot of the group:

Build Golf Group





I was the recipient of the “Deer Whisperer” Award. They really were not scared of people, but had no idea I could actually pet one.


Kurt petting Deer

South Salem Dining Room and Kitchen Addition & Remodel – UPDATE: Cabinets and Countertops

June 1 – Cabinets have now been installed, finished in place with stain and lacquer.





Sam was back to set the electrical trim



June 3 – Classique installed the granite today. I think the colors all match well.






June 10 – Duraceramic flooring installed, working on trim, some appliances in. We are getting close now.

IMG_0882_reduced IMG_0877_reduced




Shots of the finished space. We will get back to “stage” some final shots.

Seed Kitchen Final #1 Seed Kitchen Panorama

Another Stayton Roof Repair

Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company recently asked us to help them solve a water intrusion problem on their shop building which has been getting down into the wall.

To do this, we removed the old gutters and installed custom flashing where there had been none, along with neoprene closure strips.


Here is a partial shot of the building after the flashing was installed. The building is approximately 170 feet long. We were grateful to be able to use a bucket truck to expedite this job.



Next, Butler Custom Sheet Metal will be installing new upsized 6″ aluminum K-style gutters with custom hangers and 3″X4″ downspouts to complete the job.


Stayton Roof Repair

We just completed a small insurance roof repair for a family in Stayton.

A heavy snow this last winter took its toll on four rafters that were original (1950s) but had some large knots that cracked causing a section of the roof to sag and belly.


IMG_0212 (800x533)





We replaced these with new lumber, added some extra supports and recovered with 3/4″ plywood, two layers of felt and 30 year architectural shingles. Glad we got done early today, because it was close to 80 which is pretty warm for late April in Western Oregon!

IMG_0227 (800x533)

Darin, looking over the start to the framing, thinking that 65 degrees sounds pretty good right now. Fortunately, there was iced tea at lunch.


All finished. Hard to see, but the roof is much flatter and sturdier now!