Sublimity Addition

This is a rural home that was transformed into a “L” shape by a previous owner. The owner wanted to add another wing to the house to make it into a “U” shape and facilitate a future courtyard project between the wings. The addition would accommodate a large swim spa and accompanying bathroom, as well as a roomy three-car garage. The owner also wanted to replace an older shingle roof and vinyl siding.

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The owner wanted the swim spa to be as low as possible so that the pool user would have a view from ground level. This resulted in the construction of three levels in the addition:

  • An upper level at the same height as the original garage, which was converged to other use.
  • A lower level — 24 inches below the upper — which is the level of the pool room and bathroom
  • A sunken well for the swim spa — a further 34 inches below the pool room floor.

The new bathroom was built well below the level of the house’s existing plumbing fixtures. This required the use of a second septic tank for the addition, along with a pump and connection to the original tank and drain field.

The electrical requirements for the addition—in particular the swim spa, which uses electric power for both pumping and heating water—necessitated considerable electric work, including the replacement of a transformer and relocation/replacement of incoming power cable.