Hueller Construction Gets a New Trailer

We just recently took delivery of a new Interstate Cargo Trailer!

After 15 years with our current trailer, it was time to replace and upsize. The new unit is 7′ by 16′, so it is wider, longer, and taller (all the better to fill with stuff). It will be nice not to have to cram things in, and the extra 6″+ of height will keep me from hitting my head as I go in and out.

Right now we are painting the floor and planning the racks, etc. to get this operational soon.

These are all before shots. Hate to get it dirty!

IMG_8193 IMG_8192 IMG_8191 IMG_8188

Making slow progress on getting the trailer done (glad we are working instead, though).

Shot of trailer floor with Geko deck system installed. We have also installed rubber stall mats on floor and E-track on the walls for attaching things. Currently, the trailer is getting some modifications to the storage racks which came out of our old trailer. These should be ready to go in next week and we will start the move over. An ongoing work in progress.


Here is the trailer loaded up with a bunch of stuff. Rubber mats on the floor will help keep it nice.