Lyons Kitchen Remodel

This home is located in a rural, heavily wooded parcel off the Little North Fork of the Santiam River outside of Lyons, OR. It is a modified ranch style, and was built in 1975 with a small galley kitchen. The kitchen was very outdated and worn, poorly lit, and did not meet the homeowner’s needs of entertaining family and friends.

It was important to the clients that the view between the kitchen and dining room be opened up as much as possible and the lighting in all areas improved. The current pantry cabinet was virtually useless space as originally designed. “You would get lost in there”, stated the client, who complained that they would have to unload a lot of items to find anything in this space.

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To work within the clients budget and priorities, we made several tradeoffs. One was to stay with a laminate countertop, thereby allowing budget for a glass tile they had chosen for the backsplash and floor tile. We also reused the existing refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, which had been replaced within the last few years.

Systems and structures that were redesigned and updated include:

  • Elimination of soffits over cabinets to allow for full height cabinetry
  • New semi-custom cabinet package with pullouts and back to back pantry space/display cabinet
  • Full height tile backsplash
  • Island range hood
  • New microwave installed into cabinetry freeing up countertop space
  • New electrical circuits to properly supply a more modern kitchens needs
  • Fresh sheetrock walls and texture in the kitchen area/new paint to both kitchen and adjacent dining room
  • Overall lighting upgrades to include recessed lighting, under counter lighting and accent lighting over the sink and inside the glass display cabinet

The space was really made much more lively by taking an outdated, dark kitchen and making it much more bright and inviting. The homeowner’s favorite parts are the range hood, and lighting. They stated that, “It’s much more fun to cook in this kitchen now!”