Lyons Chapel in the Woods

This is not one of your “typical” construction projects.

Hueller Construction was asked to come in and help finish a small prayer chapel up in the woods outside Lyons, OR for one of our previous clients. She had a lot of great ideas, but it was a lot of figure it out as you go work.


This is an idea from Mt. Angel that she was trying for:





I brought my son, Jacob, along to help me. The building was mostly constructed earlier in the year by others.






One of the main things we had to figure out was how to get the bell tower/steeple up on the roof in place and secured. Scaffolding, ropes, ladders, and muscles were all used. A crane would have been nice – though the parts were built fairly light to facilitate the installation.






Here is Jacob doing some “field adjustment” before we secured it down.






We helped with a lot of small items inside and out. There were several people that helped to get this all put together.

Here are some final shots. The little boy is getting ready to pull the bell.


Grimes_lores0006 Grimes_lores0007




The owners held a dedication and open house yesterday (Sept. 28th). A local priest came to bless the chapel. It was all pretty neat and am glad we got to be a part of this.