Lyons, OR Bathroom Remodel

Underway on a small remodel outside of Lyons.

Bathroom freshen up to include new toilet, countertop/sink/faucet, sheetrock repairs, minor electric and new bath fan (vented to the outside this time), and floor coverings/base trim.

We are also going to do some small wall repairs in two bedrooms, paint and have new carpeting installed.

A before shot of the bathroom:











Bob is underway cleaning up the drywall.


Not sure what is going on here in the spare bedroom. Owner is concerned.






Oops. Somebody covered up some old damage. Making a big mess now to open the floor and redo.







After several hours of opening up and closing up the floor, we have it much more stable. What a mess it was.






Feb 23 – Putting things back together. Painting done, vinyl down. Countertop goes on tomorrow. A sink and some base trim and we will be about done.







March 2015 – A couple after shots of the bathroom. There are some towel bars and “cutsies” up now but didn’t get into these pictures. The other two rooms finished out nicely as well with new carpet and paint.

Morley_final_02 Morley_final_01