Lyons Patio and Entry

We have finally finished our Entry and Roof project in Lyons:

The homeowners do not have a protected area to enter the house, which is where the weather comes from.

A new, protected front entry with doors and patio area are going to be created and then we will re-roof then entire home to tie it all together. Drainage to be improved by installing a drywell and directing roof runoff to it. The patio will not be a concrete slab, but something more permeable for water (details TBD).

A before shot:






Here is the designers view:

Schechter Front Facade





Starting demo. There will be repairs since the old patio was poured too high and water got into some of the wall spaces. I was not there that day, but the concrete had 4 layers, upwards of 20″ thick (easier just to keep pouring over, I guess).





The fun keeps happening. We are going to repair some foundation support as well as wood repairs.





Here is a shot of the patio before we side and trim it out.






Up doing the roof. This is a pretty good sized roof, in several sections. We have had to do a pretty good amount of repairs and re-floating of the roof deck. A house that has this many “vintages” of work done on it is always interesting.






New triple-pane windows and most of the trimwork done. Cultured stone on the walls. Still have the front door to install and entry step to pour. Getting closer.

Schecterporch0001 Schecterporch0002




Front door in, sheetrock done inside, and stoop poured.

Owner has been painting,  a lot!

It was decided to have flagstone installed over stoop and in “patio” area. This will happen next week.

Final (almost) shots of the project. The front post needs to be painted and the rainchain finished. This had been a fairly long project for us, lots of other small extras done that don’t really show in the photos, but helped the owner’s get things “finished”.

Schechter0003 Schechter0002 Schechter0001