Stayton Kitchen Addition

We have just completed a kitchen addition begun late last fall. Here is a summary of the major steps as we went along.


The small addition will expand the family’s kitchen, and is actually going to be a pretty involved project for us. After the roof overframe and structural issues, we will move inside and completely gut and replace the entire kitchen, reorganizing it to better serve the clients family entertaining.

Here is a 3d CAD shot of one view from the design phase.

May 13 View 2

Some more before shots of the home and kitchen:

IMG_7565IMG_8128IMG_7571 IMG_7575

Stay tuned for more pictures as we roll along!

IMG_8150 Freshly poured foundation. New access hole to existing house cut by Severed Concrete of Stayton.

IMG_8161Floor system

IMG_8165Start to wall framing. We just love this weather!

IMG_8187Waiting on trusses so we can start on the roof overframe. Hope the weather holds a bit longer!

Roof framing – the weather did not hold well. Lots of tarping required.

photo 1 IMG_8239 IMG_8243IMG_8245

We finally have a roof. Now we can make more inside progress and not worry about water dripping inside :)


Inside pictures are rather boring right now. The insulation and sheetrock are all done, hardwood floor starts tomorrow, and the cabinets are under construction. More pictures to come.


Wow – the holidays are finally over! Painting all done.

We are installing the custom hickory cabinets now from Deeters Cabinets. This is going to be a big kitchen.

Granite template to happen next week.

IMG_8350 IMG_8346

Cabinets and crown moulding installed.

Exterior brickwork in now in progress. The boys from Kaufman Masonry do such a good job with this.

IMG_8365 IMG_8362

Here are a couple more in progress cabinet shots.

IMG_8361 IMG_8360

Cabinets are getting finished right now with natural stain and multiple coats of lacquer. We feel that in-place stain and topcoat provides the finest finish for our clients – even if we have to deal with the fumes. Thanks to Mark Hogren Construction from Stayton, OR.

IMG_8385 IMG_8384

A final shot of the completed exterior (less some landscaping).


Jan 30 – Hardwood floor finishing today and tomorrow by Restoration Creek.

Countertops go in on Monday by Classique Marble and Granite.

Tile sub, Ultimate Tile from Salem, working on the backsplash behind the range.


Feb 6 – Amost done. Granite countertops in, tile done, appliances in. Still have some minor trim, plumbing finish and a touch of electric left and we are finished. Oh yeah, final inspection too by Marion County.

Feb 17 – All done. Here are some photos.