Stayton Master Bathroom Remodel

The focus of this project was removing a large soaking tub they rarely used and replacing it with a large custom shower. The homeowners were excited to create a more usable space for themselves.

Here is a Chief Architect prelim 3D drawing of what we are looking at doing:

Top view





Here are a couple before shots. The windows will become much smaller and lots of glass/tile added.







Stay tuned for more info. Demo starts next week.





I love demo. Window gone (which makes for a nice trash chute!)


Tub and shower gone. Now its time to get the rest of the tile out and start thinking about putting some things back together!


Thompson Progress0002

Thompson Progress0004





Framing and new window. Blocking for grab bars.

Thompson Progress0001





New floor register to get better airflow. This large bath only had a kickbase register. A new bench or two will reside in this corner with towel bars, etc.

Thompson Progress0003





Plumbing rough in done. The valves will be to the right as you enter the shower, so things can warm up before heading in!

Nov 19 – Sheetrock started today.

Extra ceiling light was added over the new shower and all trims will be LED for consistency and energy efficiency.

New bath fan installed – much quieter (0.7 sone) and more powerful (110 CFM) than the old unit. Steamy showers look out!

Painting to happen on Friday. New color, Versatile Grey, with white ceiling and trim.

Nov 24 – Painting is Complete. Siding is complete. Waiting on tile to start.

Thompson 11-25-14-0002 Thompson 11-25-14-0004





Dec 5 – Tile is underway. Slav & Slav are making good progress. Will get measured for custom glasswork next week.

Tile Progress 2014-12-04_19.39.38 2014-12-04_19.40.22




Dec 23 – All buttoned up before Christmas. Cleaners are out. Homeowner is messing with towel bars. I will go back in Jan for some pictures with towels, etc.


Thompson_Final_10 Thompson_Final_09 Thompson_Final_07 Thompson_Final_06 Thompson_Final_04