Sublimity Covered Patio

The home featured in this project was built about eight years ago in Sublimity, Oregon, a rural residential community about 15 miles east of Salem. Sublimity is situated on the western low foothills of the Oregon Cascades, on a plateau, amid gently rolling hills dropping down into a sea of grassy fields and local farms.

At the time of home construction, the homeowners had a large cement pad poured in the backyard, but could not come to a decision about whether to put a pergola, roof or fold-out awning over the patio. The couple lived with no cover over their patio for about four years, leaving their patio furniture, grill and outdoor tools exposed to the elements.

After much deliberation, “We finally decided to do a roof,” said the homeowner. “We only had ideas in our heads, but this company helped answer our questions, and take those ideas and model them into a blueprint.” In December 2008, the homeowner hired this remodeling company to build the patio cover that would complete their outdoor entertaining space. Because of the weather and type of work, construction was delayed until late Spring 2009.

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Functionally, the homeowners needed to have a covered roof to provide shade for the west side of the house, where the family room and kitchen are positioned. In addition, a covered structure would allow for family BBQs year-round, regardless of wet weather.

“Also, aesthetically it looks better. To have a roof breaking up the big wall on the back side of our house just makes the place look better,” says the client.

“One of the more challenging aspects of this project was making the new roofline blend into the existing fascia and soffits on the south side. We wanted to make the patio look like it was part of the house, not just stuck on,” explained the general contractor.

The homeowner commented, “An important thing we learned was that we needed an engineering report to lay out how the posts should be designed. Based on this report, we ended up adding a fourth column to accommodate the size of the roof needed. Deciding on the angle of the roof was another factor. There are windows on the second floor that we did not want to move; we had to adjust the framing to make this happen.”

The roof drainage was somewhat of a challenge. On the south side, making the roofline match around the patio allowed us to tie the new gutters into the old system. To get proper drainage all around the patio, we modified the existing slab and piped over to the NW corner of the house to connect to another existing drain line. “In the end, this new system ties into our existing system really smoothly. It blends right in,” says the client.

“Now we are able to entertain year-round and I don’t have to cover my grill all the time. In the summer time, it protects the west side of the house from sun exposure,” says the homeowner.

In less than two months’ time, the outdoor space became a functional, well-designed entertaining area. With pine tongue and groove ceiling and recessed lighting, the new patio cover provides an ambiance for creating family memories.